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[/kc_column_text][section_title_left _id=”609109″ title=”We will give you the expertise, personal attention and dedicated service you deserve!” subtitle=”Specialty services offered by Foundation Auctioneers consist of the following custom tailored to your needs as a client of Foundation Auctioneers.”][div _id=”962973″ class=”services”][service_item _id=”780942″ icon=”fa fa-bullhorn” title=”ADVERTISING”]

Foundation Auctioneers will use internet advertising of your event by using social media blast, web page announcements, and as well we will provide a link to the site for your event. The link will allow attendees to purchase event tickets! We will also provide an extra media push to the top brass live auction items to be offered until the event takes place.

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Foundation Auctioneers will be happy to give recommendations and connect you with third party companies that we will work closely with throughout your event planning. Together we will ensure the best plan of action possible in order for your cherished cause to run flawlessly. This will ensure the best plan of action possible to create a unique night that won’t be forgotten! Live auction vacation packages and unique experiences offered at no risk. You have no obligation to purchase until after a package is sold. In many circumstances multiples of the same package are sold so all attendees can partake in the final price to maximize profitability. If Foundation Auctioneers is booked on the night of your event or we don’t fit your auction budget we will do our best to put you in contact with a local professional contract auctioneer who will suit your needs.

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Foundation Auctioneers is here for your auction event beginning with the most microscopic details such as the size of bidding paddles and number size recommendations, as we are one of the best texas auctioneers. We also help your event plan on the larger decisions as in live auction items selections, market values, profitability, and down to the order they are offered in.
Auction momentum, tempo, and excitement is an important aspect to keep in mind. Foundation Auctioneers can also assist with a venue and crowd size assessment to ensure properly equipped auction team coverage to make sure no one misses out on the live auction action!

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Well it makes sense to hire a Professional to get the job done right the first time because in the auction industry after the auction is completed its over and the next shot may be the next event. Hiring a pro is an important Investment for the organized effort to ensure that maximum potential profit is recognized after all the work put into crafting a grand event. A pro won’t leave you with thousands of unobtainable funds left on the table after the fact. We are pros that travel far and wide to do auctions all week long and are passionate about what we do.

You can rest assured that your live auction will reach its full potential when using Foundation Auctioneers to conduct your live auction.

At Foundation Auctioneers we will not book you to have Jedd Trice as Auctioneer for your auction and then send someone else in the day of event. You get what you book with us and that’s it it. Rest assured the team you choose for your Gala from Foundation Auctioneers will be top brass professionals! You have the Luxury to custom tailor your auction staff to your needs all in one place if you feel the need.