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Foundation Auctioneers is more than just your regular Auctioneer. We are your backbone when it comes to planning, hosting and making your auctions successful. We provide our services not only on the event day but we also provide a wide range of pre and post event services. Our RingMasters and Auctioneers work with your team to overcome the special challenges of the event and come up with strategic plans that help you run your shows efficiently and raise the most money to achieve your goals.


Foundation Auctioneers is more than your auctioneer, we are your strategic fundraising consultant partnering with you to maximize your fundraising and overall guest experience in the best possible way. We have worked with hundreds of organizations in the past and helped them raise money for their cause. Your auction is our responsibility. We don’t just run it as an event, we run it as a memory that needs to be perfect in all ways. We’ll share best practices, provide fresh ideas, entertain and energize your audience, and leave your guests looking forward to your next event.

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