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How much money do Auctioneers Make?

An Auctioneer's salary is usually paid to make the auction and the percentages of the items sold. Auctioneers earned an average annual income of $46,500 as of 2013, according to the online recruitment site. Men and women who wish to be salespeople must complete training or vocational training.

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How to be an Auctioneer?

The auctioneer will need at least a high school diploma, however, some in this area will pursue post-secondary training. According to the National Auction Association (NAA), 35% of people in this field hold a university degree and 36% have some university experience.

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What is a Silent Auction?

During a silent auction, items displayed in the auction are generally displayed in tables. The tender takes place privately and is often unidentified through the clipboard or on sheets of paper placed near the items on the tables. The auctioneer could be a charity auctioneer or a benefit auctioneer carrying out this process.

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